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International Master’s
in Political Sciences
at the University of Haifa

Your Fast-Track to Leadership

One-Year International Master’s in Political Sciences at the University of Haifa

Fast-Track to Leadership.

Situated on the crest of Mount Carmel with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean,

the University of Haifa's School of Political Science is recognized as one of the world's leading institutions in this field.

Ranking in the 37th place in Public Administration in the Shanghai Global Index,

the school's academic leaders are globally renowned in their expertise

and backed by a wide range of research foundations across the world. With its own research centers on campus, the school has become

an academic destination for diverse professionals in the public sector seeking to elevate their careers, including government officials, military, police, NGO's, and more.

International Master's Programs

Choose from our diverse 1- year English-taught programs in Political Science!

Acquire the knowledge and skillset for a career public administration, policy making, negotiations,

conflict resolution, journalism, consulting, and more!

Public Administration,
Public Management & Policy (MPA)

Ranked 37th in the world, this program offers state of the art knowledge and practical tools

to incorporate public policymaking and management skills on economic, social, and political levels. This includes local and global economic-political analysis, strategic management in disruptive environments, cyber security policy challenges, immigration, climate, finance, trade, leadership and ethics in policy making, field trips, guest lecturers, seminars and more!

Peace & Conflict Management (MA)

This unique program is a golden opportunity for real-time experiential learning on how to address local and global ethno-national conflicts on diverse levels, especially in Israel and the Middle East. The curriculum combines Social Sciences, Psychology, International Relations and Social Work with practical intervention tools, mediation and negotiation skills, and a practical internship

at a peace building and conflict management organization of your choice.

National Security (MA)

Created in partnership with the IDF and tailored by globally renowned National Security expert Dr. Dan Schueftan, this program addresses National Security decision making on the highest strategic level. Aligned with UHaifa's National Security Studies Center, the program incorporates political, intelligence, cyber, legal, ethical and diplomatic aspects of national security, alongside fieldtrips and networking. This includes meeting with leading strategists and commanders, analyzing authentic case studies, visits to military bases, boarders, cyber companies, and trips to Jerusalem and NATO in Brussels.

Diplomacy (MA)

This program provides collaborative diplomatic mechanisms, insights and analytical tools

to address 21st century global diplomacy challenges on social, political and economic levels, especially in the Middle East. This includes cutting edge physical and digital diplomatic tools

and techniques, field trips designed to experience behind the scenes diplomatic functioning

at the Israeli Foreign Ministry, UN Headquarters and more, and hands-on practical simulations

to experience diplomatic issues.

International Relations
Dual degree program with the
University of Warsaw

A unique opportunity to benefit a broad international experience both in the Middle East

and in Europe, for a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between nations, economies and societies. Students spend two study semesters at each institution, focus on international collaborative diplomatic mechanisms, challenges and solutions, and acquire a double-accredited degree in International Relations.

Experience Israel
like never before

Join us for an Israeli Experience you'll never forget, in a special combination of excellent academics an in-depth cultural adventure! From iconic landmarks like the western wall in Jerusalem, Masada, and the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa; through the Negev desert, Camel Forest and sandy beaches, to local cuisine, colorful markets and night life in Tel Aviv,

you 'll get to see, taste and feel Israel on every possible level!

Attractive Scholarships

Check out our multiple scholarship options,

including Masa Scholarships, UHaifa need-based scholarships,

merit scholarships, and more!

Apply Now, get 75% off

Secure your Master's now at UHaifa International,

get 75% off your application fee

and see you soon in Israel!.

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