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Get your Masters at
UHaifa’s School of
Archaeology & Maritime Cultures

Transform Mount Carmel and the Mediterranean into your Lab,and Dig, Dive and Discover your Fascinating Career!

Get your Masters at UHaifa’s School of Archaeology & Maritime Cultures

Transform Mount Carmel and the Mediterranean into your Lab

Dig, Dive and Discover your Fascinating Career!

Get your Masters at UHaifa’s School of Archaeology & Maritime Cultures

Transform Mount Carmel and the Mediterranean into your Lab,
and Dig, Dive and Discover your Fascinating Career!

Located on the top of Mount Carmel with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea,

the University of Haifa's School of Archaeology and Maritime Cultures (SAMC), is an academic center  of excellence at the forefront of archaeological research.
​Globally renowned for its high professional standards, SAMC is the first of its kind that offers the full scope of research domains on land, at sea, and in the lab – integrated in full synergy under one roof. Led by an academic staff at the frontline of modern archaeology, the school is known for its prestigious global network of professionals, its cutting-edge infrastructure, its unique fieldwork experiences and countless research grants.

SAMC's International Master's Programs

Choose from our three 1-2 year English-taught programs, study archaeology on land, underwater and in the lab, experience hands-on real-time expeditions, excavations and cruises, and secure your career in an exciting research field! 

MA in Maritime Civilizations
(Underwater & Coastal Archaeology)

This unique program is an exceptional opportunity to literally dive deep and discover

human-sea relations from ancient to modern times. With the Mediterranean Sea as a natural lab, you will get to explore the history, archaeology, anthropology and fabric of seafaring societies underwater, on shore and in cutting-edge laboratories on campus.

This hands-on program combines theoretical knowledge with ongoing active research

and exploration of harbors and ships to understand human-sea interactions and challenges.

Its multidisciplinary curriculum includes marine biology and ecology, maritime history, maritime geo-archaeology, and archaeo-zoology, an experiential ship construction course, research cruises, plenty of excavations and experiential learning on shore and underwater.

MA in Archaeology

Based in Mount Carmel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, biosphere reserve and one of the world's most dynamic centers for prehistoric research, this program presents unmatched opportunities to explore archaeological sites that bridge between Africa, Asia, and Europe.
Through hands-on fieldwork that uncovers 500,000 years of human evolution, excavations in caves, rock shelters, and open-air sites, you  will gain insights into early human expansion out of Africa, and interactions between modern humans and Neanderthals. These key sites provide rare evidence of the evolution

of human societies from hunter-gatherers to complex agricultural societies, offering a unique perspective on the history of mankind. Through excavations and workshops in  Mount Carmel, the Jordan Valley, Galilee and the Negev, you will acquire practical training, data-driven methods and tools for advanced research.

MSc. In Archaeological Sciences*

*A  thesis-track program 

UHaifa's international MSc in Archaeological Sciences is SAMC'S newest program –

the only one of its kind in Israel that offers a science-oriented approach to archaeology. Unmatched by any other program in the country, its main focus is on pushing the knowledge boundaries of ancient civilizations through advanced scientific methods.
The program's collaboration with the Technion – Israel's Institute of Technology, presents opportunities to research at the cutting edge of archaeological science. Its unique curriculum combines Geology, Biology, Chemistry for Archaeologists, Quantitative Archaeology and Lab Research Experience, together with experiential learning through fieldtrips and study excavations.

Experience Israel
Like Never Before

Join us for an Israeli Experience you'll never forget, in a special combination of excellent

academics an in-depth cultural adventure!

From iconic landmarks like the western wall in Jerusalem, Masada, and the Baha'i Gardens in Haifa; through the Negev Desert, Camel Forest and sandy beaches, to local cuisine, colorful markets and night life in Tel Aviv, you'll get to see, taste and feel Israel on every possible level!

Attractive Scholarships

Check out our multiple scholarship options, including UHaifa need-based and merit scholarships that cover up to 100% of tuition fees for eligible students, Masa scholarships and more!

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